• Good News for All

    This Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Christ by looking at Peter’s message to the Roman Centurian Cornelius in the book of Acts.

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    Good Friday

    Here is our Good Friday service of Tenebrae. It includes readings of the Gospel of John 18:1-19:42. Please be aware of the loud noise that

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    Maundy Thursday

    Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday is a day during Holy Week that we remember the night before Jesus died on the cross. He spent the

  • The King That Doesn’t Conquer

    How does Palm Sunday affect our everyday lives as Christians? Study Matthew 21:1-11 to see how Jesus models gentle power during the events surrounding the

  • The Fine Print: Witness

    What does it mean to be a witness? This message looks at what scripture tells us witnessing to others looks like. And it might just

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    The Fine Print: Stewardship

    What is stewardship and why is it important for believers?

  • The God of Comfort

    Even though we are unable to meet in person we still can spend some time in God’s word together this week. And because of the

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    The Fine Print: Presence

    Why is it important that we participate in church?

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    The Fine Print: Prayer

    What does it mean to faithfully participate in the church through our Prayers?

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    In the Presence of God’s Glory

    What is the proper response when face to face with the glory of God?

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    The Cost of Spiritual Immaturity

    What happens when we stop growing spiritually? This week’s message focuses on Paul’s teaching on the importance of maturing in our faith constantly

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    Salt & Light

    How are Christians like salt and light? This week’s message focuses on Jesus’ instructions on living a life that reflects our savior’s grace and mercy

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    The Wisdom of God

    What is the difference between spiritual knowledge and wisdom? This week’s message focuses on Paul’s teaching about how to apply authentic spiritual wisdom to our

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    Soul Exam: Avoiding Anxiety

    What does worry cost us? This week’s message focuses on Jesus teaching that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get snared by worry and instead how

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    Soul Exam: Prepare for Trouble!

    How do we deal with Temptation? This week’s message looks at how Jesus lays out the perfect defense against the temptation that Satan can bring

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    Soul Exam: Take Control!

    How do we take control of sin in our lives? This message looks at Paul’s description of a believer’s freedom from sin that they find

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    Soul Exam: Ask For Help!

    Why is prayer so important? Jesus reveals in scripture that God wants us to pray to Him, and by doing so to strengthen our personal

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    Advent: Week 4 – Peace

    How are peace and obedience related? This message focuses on Joseph the earthly father of Jesus and how his obedience enabled him to have peace

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    Advent: Week 3 – Joy

    Are joy and happiness the same thing? This week we look at how you can find joy, even in the midst of dark times.

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    Advent: Week 2 – Faith

    Advent continues with a look at John the Baptist and his message of repentance and the importance of faith in each of our lives as

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    Advent: Week 1 – Hope

    Advent begins with a look at Hope and how we can look to the past to see how people waited for the Messiah to arrive,

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    The Attributes of a King

    When we think of Jesus many images come to mind but is being King among them? This weeks message focuses on how Christ demonstrated his

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    More Than A Book

    What makes the Bible so important and what is the danger in misusing it? This week’s message focuses on Paul’s message to Timothy about the

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    How Real Is Your Faith?

    When we pray for things are we actually expecting them to happen? This message looks at a man who had faith enough to believe in

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    Living into God’s Promises

    How do we apply God’s promises to our lives? This week we look at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and how believers can not only