About our church

Lone Star was organized in September 1940 as a result of the merger of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and the Methodist Protestant church. Members of the local Methodist Protestant church who favored the merger formed the Lone Star Methodist Church. In 1968 the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren church united to become the United Methodist Church, therefore, the church is now known as Lone Star United Methodist Church

Original Building

The first pastor was the Rev. D.P. Yeager. He gathered with his congregation under the shade of an oak tree for their first service. Shortly after that first Sunday, the land was donated near Sleigo Presbyterian Church, and the church was built by members using lumber from donated logs. Worship services were held in the building which had no roof for some time, and nine years and one month after organizing the church was dedicated. Its membership had grown from 26 charter members to 83 members.

A few of the charter members, their descendants, and new families who have come to the community make up the congregation of today's Lone Star United Methodist Church. The current church building’s existence was a result the expansion of highway 84 into a four-lane highway. This expansion required the church to relocate from the existing building to an adjacent property. The decision to build a new building brought new challenges. And the congregation set out under the leadership of Rev. Jim Genesse, to accomplish what seemed to be an impossible task. A building committee was selected, plans were drawn, funds were raised, and construction began. Eventually, the building we worship in today took shape.

Current Building

Rev. Genesse conducted the first service in the new building on June 13th, 1993, using temporary seating. The furnishings were moved in another ‘first’ service was held on June 27, 1993. This was followed by a service of consecration which was held on August 1, 1993. And on November 21, 1993, Rev. L Glenn Howell and Rev. Genesse dedicated a completely debt-free a building to the glory of God.

In 2000, an outdoor activity building was added to the rear of the church property. It provides an excellent location for outdoor cookouts and an abundance of storage, as well as a place for our children and Youth to meet on Wednesday nights. A lit church sign has been added near US Highway 84, and a lighted steeple was purchased to add to the beauty of the church. In the early 2000’s the congregation purchase adjoining property owned by Sleigo Presbyterian Church after their decision to dissolve.

Our church continues today growing and expanding on these proud accomplishments with a never-ending goal to reach our community for Christ.

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