• Lent Worship Opportunities

    Every year, Christians worldwide of all denominations enter the Lent season in preparation for Easter. This period recalls the forty days that Jesus fasted in the wilderness. From the early church days, believers have used this time building up to Easter to prepare themselves spiritually. New believers would spend this

  • Summer Revival

    You are invited to join us for our Summer Revival services beginning Sunday, July 11, 2021. We ask that if you are planning on joining us for the potluck dinner on Sunday or Tuesday, you bring a dish to share if you are able to do so. Guest Speaker Rev.

  • Holy Week Worship Opportunities

    As we come to the end of Lent and enter the season of Easter, there are many worship opportunities in our community during this Holy Week. We invite you to join our congregation at each of these services. Good Hope United Methodist 8000 N Williamsburg RD Bassfield MS 39421 6:00

  • 2 Timothy: Lesson 02

    In this lesson of our study in 2 Timothy, Paul teaches us about the importance of remaining faithful to Christ in times of trouble.

  • 2 Timothy: Lesson 01

    In our first lesson in 2 Timothy, we examine Paul's final epistle's opening remarks as he prepares for his execution in Rome.

  • 1 Timothy: Lesson 10

    This week in our study of 1 Timothy, we learn from Paul how to fight the good fight of faith.

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